Have I paid?

If you have recieved the email saying payment confirmation you’re good to go! We will send you the tracking number a maximum 48 hours after that point.

If you have recieved all of our emails but have not recieved one saying ‘payment confirmation’ then the payment has not gone through. Please contact us and we will get it resolved for you.

If you have not received an order confirmation email, firstly check your spam mail.

If you still cant see it, most likely the email address you entered was invalid. Please recreate your order and check the email address and shipping address carefully.

Please then reply to the confirmation email when recieved from us to move on to payment

failing any of this please contact [email protected]

Don’t worry, here at Steroids Warehouse we understand it’s critical to know exactly what it is we are putting into our bodies. With thousands of fulfilled orders and years of industry experience. We know that many of you will purchase self testing kits from sites such as Amazon.

Please note for our products, the compound most commonly looked for by a large number of these kits, is compromised in a large number of our blends (400, RIP, TTM, etc), due to the nature of how they are made and test results WILL vary!

Shipping Times

Shipping times vary between 2-3 days for all USA states and 4 days for global. Over holiday peroids again it can slow down, all information can be seen via the tracking code provided up to 48 hours after payment is received.

How do I know this is not a scam?

Well you don’t! But we are legitimate. My advice would be place a small order if your concerned in anyway. Your card company will back the purchase and we also guarantee you get the product or your money back. All payments are also taken via a known payment vendor to give you piece of mind and control over your money!

So if nothing arrives.. Just message us and we will refund you no issues at all.

Or if you have any other concerns please just message us as we are here to help!


We cannot accept used items back.

We can refund if the item does not arrive.

Can I pay with bitcoin?

Yes we accept bitcoin.

Can we do next day shipping?

No. Sadly not there is no way of upgrading its one standard service we use.